Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Main Entry: 1weird
Pronunciation: 'wird
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English wird, werd, from Old English wyrd; akin to Old Norse urthr fate, Old English weorthan to become -- more at WORTH
Date: before 12th century
1 : FATE, DESTINY; especially : ill fortune

Had a weird experience tonight... was walking home from seeing the Spiderman and Men in Black II double feature at Trolley Square.. Spiderman was a completely awesome movie adaptation of the comic book and Tobey Maguire is totally hot. but I digress... anyway.. as Chad and I were walking back from the movie, i saw three Saab's identical to my friend Michael's Saab... I thought this was odd (weird, really) and told myself that I would call him if I saw another Saab by the time chad and i got home... standing at a crossswalk on 9th East and 4th South forty-five seconds later, a grey Saab identical to his passes us. I called him as soon as I got home... we discussed going to the Celebrating the Body Erotic Class together. This would be really cool and interesting as Michael and I have very oftenfound oursleves on the same journey...Chad says that if you look at the clues around you... you can follow the Golden Thread that The Fates have spun into your life. Is this an example of such a Golden Thread????

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