Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I've been watching late nite tv while I wrote the previous entry... infomercials... I WANT AN ULTIMATE CHOPPER!
I went to the Coffee Garden today and wrote in my Journal that I occasionally keep: (Last entry before this one was November of 1998...LOL)

...I still like making eclectic mixed tapes, lounge music, (the latest Ultra Lounge sampler, "Vegas! Baby") good movies and guys-who-like-life-intensely-and-like-to-kiss. I still love coffee shops and silly introspection in coffee shops... I still think it would be awesome to open a coffee shop somewhere on the planet w/ Bekka... I went to a private club called "Shaggy's Living Room" last night that was great inspiration for a coffee shop. It seems as if a desire such as this is so constant in my life why not pursue it? Something tragically hip... a cross between Shaggy's Living Room and the "Coffee Garden " (which is where I am right now)... a great place that showcases local artistic talent on the walls and has great mixed tapes on the stereo. Comfy couches and interesting regulars... studio space for photography/painting and more for massage... available for rent and for me to use. If a coffee shop doesn't have an open mic night where people can read their cheesy and self-tortured poetry and play their cheesy, self-tortured esoteric music, it is worth it's community salt?