Tuesday, November 15, 2005

a note of caution... this video contains blunt and provacative talk about a very sensitive subject.
viewer discretion is advised

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Please check out this website if you are into ambient/minimal/dub techno. This label has some great music on it! So far from what I have explored, I especially like Kollectiv Turmstrasse's "Elemental Pleasures" and also Henri Petterson's "My Space" Thanks to Chris for the link!
Two Thumbs Up

The two of us have been enthusiastically breaking in our dungeon all weekend, but yesterday was the first time we played with a third in our new space. The play partner was cuffed to chains that hang out of our makeshift black plastic drop ceiling and then blindfolded. Josh and I took him on an almost two hour journey of punching, flogging, paddling, and even a bit of fire play with candles and hot wax. Our play date gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up for both the decor and our tandem topping style. Woo hoo.
Bondage on a Budget
"you can do it, we can help!"

Josh and I have been DIY perverts since our mutual interest in BDSM became known early, early, in our relationship. Except for our dildo's, vibrators, and butt plugs, almost everything in our dungeon has either been DIY or handed down to us from other players here in SLC. We've made canes, slappers, floggers, and paddles out of paint sticks, remnants from belts, and tossed out jump ropes. Nothing says "ingenuity and imagination" better than "pervertable convertables" from Thrift Town, Big Lots, and Home Despot. My first collar was a dog's choke collar from the Dollar Store. We get never ending supplies of clothes pins and clamps from The Dollar Store as well. I've already fashioned a sling out of some wood discraded from the last tennants futon bed. Josh re-upholstered a banana chair and flipped it on it's end to create a spanking/fuck bench. Three cheers for bondage on a budget.

The husband and I spent this previous weekend working on a play space for the two of us, (and whomever would/will want to join us) in our basement. After numerous trips to Homo Depot to get all of what we needed- eye bolts, carabingers, black plastic painters cover, lengths and lengths of chain-and begging and borrowing power tools off of our friends and neighbors; we now have about 100 sq feet of dungeon space in our home. The woman who stayed cutting lengths of chain for me until 10 minutes after closing time actually said to me, "so what are you doing, you going to tie up all 16 of your girlfriends up and not let them escape?"
I replied,"Um yeah, not exactly like that, but you're close."
She laughed.

For a little less than $100. We converted a entire basement room into our comfy, cozy, and sacred little dungeon. It has it's space related challenges for sure-Josh is 6'4" and with his mohawk, he's at least 6'7"-the ceiling is 7" so he doesnt have a whole lot of clearance, but then again if the two of us can learn throw a single tail or flogger with proffeciency in this space, we can pretty much do it anywhere.

I'll most likey be updating this post within a day or so with photos as soon as I transfer the files from the camera to the computer. I am a bit disapointed that we did not get "before" pictures to contrast our "after" pictures.