Sunday, October 02, 2005

I've been painting and creating again after a loooong break. I havent smoked p*t in about 8 weeks, and I have always had a hard time turning off the inner critic society without my favorite herbal antidepressant, so I am pretty proud of myself for painting at ALL. Comments? Criticisms? Complaints? Editorials? Posted by Picasa

But then we have adorable kids like this one, the sign reads, "If you can't be right, be loud." On the other side it read, "Only idiots carry signs." His protest against the protestors. I guess there were people down the street from the Pentecostals who were holding signs saying "BAN ARBOR DAY!" just to be discordant and to highlight the ridiculousness of the whole protest. Posted by Picasa

Every year, the Pentecostals (of the God Hates Fags, Reverend Phelps pedigree) "protest" the Mormon Church. It's one of the few times I feel protective of the Mormon's and their right to practice their brand of religion Posted by Picasa

Same kid... right in front of Castle Faggotry... what are the chances? Posted by Picasa

10-1-05 Conference Weekend in SLC... twice a year our little neighborhood fills up with pilgrims from all around the world. These guys were from Idaho and felt like they needed to change clothes in front of our house. One of the perks of living two blocks from the conference center! Posted by Picasa