Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So.. man, this sh*t going down in Louisiana is crazy. My friend and ex-boyfriend Dave Taylor moved out there a couple of years ago and we've lost touch. I really hope he's ok. I have been listening to the radio all day and the predictions of the "death of New Orleans" are pretty dire and as the day rolls on.. it only seems to get worse and worse. Stagnant water breeding mosquitoes and West Nile Virus... gasoline and other noxious chemicals speading all over the city. People not geting enough water. It's pretty messed up. I've put a link on my blog to the American Red Cross and to some other blogs with lots of information. Please donate to the Red Cross if you can!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ok Ok... this is ridiculous. I have abused and tortured this whole "blog thing" for a very long time. This blog is one that I have had since I moved out to SLC and I have written in it perhaps a total of 30 times... in four years... and most of them are silly picture posts or random generated blog poems.

very sad.

I have left that stupid post, about being jealous that my sister went to spain, for like 4 months now and it's time to post something different... just so I dont come across as a self absorbed a**hole anymore. Not that im not a self-obsessed a**hole but I'd rather not come across as one.

My whole relationship with the internet has changed since I started surfing. I dont surf without a destination as much, or hardly at all, like I used to. I use the internet for three things: to check my e-mail, to post art online, and to settle random trivia bets with people. Ok really it's four things. (via Chat Client) being the fourth thing and I use for two things. to meet boys and to get massage clients. (so is that five things?)

Do people just go on random web hunts anymore? I suppose I really use the internet as a research tool. It's not that I dont use it and go places with it.. I suppose my relationship with the internet is something like when MTV first aired and I would sit in front of the TV for hours afraid to miss a new music video.

I am completely impressed with a couple of people's blogs and strangely, they happen to be friends of mine as well. Okay.. Im impressed with LOTS of peoples blogs, but theses are two good ones with very different perspectives... One is by a new friend, Chris, and the other is by an old and dear friend, Lauren.

please read and enjoy.

I have blog-envy... bad. Everyday I feel like i get further and further behind in being on the up and up with software. I hardly know what all the alphabet soup abbreviations are anymore and that's something that I used to be pretty good at. I suppose this is something all of us will go through at some point or another. The amount of money and time it takes to be a trend setter in the software world is pretty ridiculous.

I will be housesitting/babysitting (tweensitting? they are twin twelve year olds) with Josh for a couple of friends over the next ten days while they go to Burning Man. I will have tons of time to hang out and read, surf, paint, draw, etc. while I am there. Josh and I will be sitting in the hottub and looking up at the stars while our friends are doing the same on the playa out in Nevada. We are looking at it as a chance to go on a "working vacation" and spend some real quality time with each other while the girls are in school.

woo hoo!