Sunday, September 29, 2002

An idea from Chad, if "The Squatter in Chief," Dubya, wants to fight this war against Iraq so bad.. why dont we do like in the Ages of Kings: If a King takes us to war, he's in the front line AND if we lose we get to cut off his head! Great deterrent for war, don't ya think?

Sounds fucking good to me.

An Ultimate Fighting Cage-Match with King Georgie Porgie and Sa-damn sounds like another fucking great plan. Really we'd be solving SO many problems all at once. And think of the ratings!! We could market the whole extraaganza ala Super Bowl Sunday. We could have it as a Tag Team! Georgie and Ariel Shaorn vs. Saddam and Yassir Arafat. The winner gets a big gold belt and a permanent retirement from the world of politics. The loser... well it's a cagematch and sorry but I think they wouldnt get to even enjoy being in second place.

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