Sunday, September 08, 2002

I have been working a 40 hour week for the past two weeks to continue my goal of going to this men's retreat in L.A: Celebrating the Body Erotic... plane tickets are only $94 on Travelocity.. and the class is $325... Joseph Kramer and I have e-mailed each other several times back and forth already about what it will be like. there are all kinds of "testimonials" (yay! testimonials, I heart testimonials!) on this site.
I already have enough for the plane ticket and the $100 deposit on the class. Kent is (somewhat) willing to ferry my no-car-having ass to and from the retreat. He gets incredible kudos for this. I feel like I'm imposing on him for sure. I wish that I would have time to hang out w/ him but Im broke and he works... sucks.

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